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Especially Great & Much Appreciated When:

The DOH System Contents:

Quality of Life & Economic Benefits:

  • Gives You the Freedom to Get Home Late
  • Allows You to Take Day, Overnight and Longer Trips
  • Saves Your Money by Avoiding the High Cost of Boarding
  • Allows You to Plan Based On Your Schedule
  • Frees You Up From Depending on Availability of Others
  • Keeps Your Pet Stress Free by Living at Home
  • Helps Prevent Messy, Smelly Indoor Accidents
  • Saves Time and Money on Clean-Up
  • Helps Prevent Damage to Furniture and Floors
  • May Help Renters Get Security Deposit Back
  • Helps Prevent Living Area from Smelling Like a Kennel

The Perfect Gift For You, Your Dog
& So Many Others:

  • Buy One For Your Each Dog In Your Life
  • Makes A Great Gift to Whomever
  • Birthday:  Both Human & Pet
  • Anniversary Present
  • Annoying Relative
  • Imposing Friend
  • Overly Imposing Neighbor
  • Elderly Person In Your Life

Especially Great & Much Appreciated When:

Helps Keep You & Your Family Happy!

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