The Doggie Out House System


Perfect for small and medium size dogs.

The Doggie Out House System includes:

  • Heavy construction waste container
  • Multi-tier waste & odor control
  • Solid waste remains on top
  • Odor control waste pads
  • Liquid waste flows into odor control neutralizing liquid
  • Stairs for easy entry & exit
  • Lid for convenient storage & anti-skid base
  • Easy use & care instructions
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Health: Promotes a healthy & happy pet
Convenience: Both indoor & outdoor use
Sanitation: Multi- strength odor protection
DOH: Tall sides prevent unwanted spraying
Easy care & cleaning: Rinse with soapy water


Quality of Life & Economic Benefits:

  • Gives You the Freedom to Get Home Late
  • Allows You to Take Day, Overnight and Longer Trips
  • Saves Your Money by Avoiding the High Cost of Boarding
  • Allows You to Plan Based On Your Schedule
  • Frees You Up From Depending on Availability of Others
  • Keeps Your Pet Stress Free by Living at Home
  • Helps Prevent Messy, Smelly Indoor Accidents
  • Saves Time and Money on Clean-Up
  • Helps Prevent Damage to Furniture and Floors
  • May Help Renters Get Security Deposit Back
  • Helps Prevent Living Area from Smelling Like a Kennel


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